55 +社区 Downsizing. Low maintenance. Independent lifestyle. These factors inspire growing numbers of seniors to choose 55+ communities. Residents of these planned real estate developments may share a life-stage and motivation for relocating, but 55+ communities are anything but cookie-cutter.

When it comes to neighborhood, type of housing, price, amenities and services, today’s seniors select from a rich menu of independent living options.

Requirements for 55+ Communities

55+ communities are “age-restricted,” meaning that at least one homeowner, or, for apartment dwellers, one member of each household is aged 55 or over. Other members of the household may be younger, but all residents must be at least 18.

Residents must also be independent. 55+ communities offer no medical or personal care assistance. However, most are located near medical facilities, shopping, places of worship and large metropolitan areas, and many offer shuttle bus or van service.

Types of 55+ Communities

Many seniors choose to relocate to one of two kinds of retirement communities. Active adult communities emphasize leisure and recreation and create almost a resort feeling. These communities usually have on-site facilities for socializing and pursuits like golf, tennis, swimming and exercise. Residents can join clubs, take classes and gather in the clubhouse, recreation center or other common areas for games, movies and celebrations.

Other 55+ communities stress independent living and focus on secure, convenient, maintenance-free environments for residents. Security might include electronic card access, guarded gates or a 24-hour security team. Both kinds of communities levy a monthly fee for services and amenities, such as the maintenance of common areas and recreation facilities, security, satellite or cable TV, Internet connection, garbage collection, snow removal, etc.

Another aspect of independence, from the senior perspective, is freedom from yard work and home maintenance. With this independence in mind, today’s builders often use energy efficient construction and universal design, a term which refers to no-step entryways, wider doorways and hallways, non-slip floors and bathtubs, and accessible light switches and electrical outlets. Both new and existing developments offer a range of floor plans and housing styles.

Retirement communities come in many shapes and sizes for a variety of budgets, from modular or pre-fabricated construction to luxury, custom-built homes. Neighborhood size varies as well; some 55+ communities resemble towns or villages while others are more like small cities.

Senior Apartments and Mixed Dwelling Neighborhoods

Mature dancing couple at a 55+ communitySenior apartments are another option that offers residents many of the benefits of retirement communities without the obligation to purchase their homes. Senior apartments offer additional services (sometimes for an extra cost), such as meals in a common dining room (usually one meal per day), housekeeping and laundry. Facilities vary but might include a common pool, exercise room, library, and meeting and media rooms. Activities appeal to a broad range of interests, with a focus on socializing and continuing education.

As with retirement communities, senior apartments provide convenient and secure settings where residents can keep busy without the burden of home maintenance. Some 55+ communities mix single-family, owner-occupied dwellings with apartments. These mixed-dwelling neighborhoods enable residents to relocate within the same community if their needs change without having to start over or change their routines too much.

Written by senior housing writer Lisa Logan.



55 +社区居民裁员。低维护。独立的生活方式。这些因素促使越来越多的老年人进行选择雷竞技平台可靠吗55 +社区.这些被规划的房地产开发项目的居民可能有共同的生活阶段和迁移动机,但是55 +社区绝不是千篇一律的。



55 +社区是“年龄限制的”,这意味着至少有一个房主,或公寓住户,每户有一名成员是55岁或以上。其他家庭成员可能更年轻,但所有居民必须至少18岁。

居民还必须是独立的。55 +社区不提供医疗或个人护理援助。然而,大多数都位于医疗设施、购物场所、礼拜场所和大城市附近,许多还提供穿梭巴士或面包车服务。



其他55 +社区强调独立生活,注重为居民提供安全、方便、免维护的环境。保安可能包括电子卡门禁、守卫大门或24小时保安团队。这两种社区都按月收取服务和便利设施的费用,例如公共区域和娱乐设施的维护、保安、卫星或有线电视、互联网连接、垃圾收集、除雪等。


根据不同预算,退休社区有不同的形状和规模,从模块化或预制建筑到豪华定制住宅。邻近地区的大小也不同;一些55 +社区像城镇或村庄,而其他的更像小城市。



与退休社区一样,老年公寓提供了方便和安全的环境,居民可以在这里忙雷竞技平台可靠吗碌,而无需承担房屋维护的负担。一些55 +社区将独栋住宅、业主自用住宅与公寓混合使用。这些混合居住社区使居民能够在他们的需求发生变化时重新安置在同一个社区,而不必重新开始或过多改变他们的日常生活。

由资深住房作家丽莎·洛雷竞技平台可靠吗根(Lisa Logan)撰写。




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